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BigBlue Customer Portal is an exclusive online services available to all clients of the company. These services enable clients to get realtime inventory, generate reports and conduct simple analytics for materials stored at any of company facilities anytime, anywhere.

Product Management at Fingertips

Do more using our premium Customer Portal web application and check analyzed data from previous or current date coverage. Check movements, throughput and even transaction-specific details. Create request orders and monitor activities until these are dispatched from source warehouse.

BBLC Customer Portal provides real-time information to give clients a better glimpse on what is happening on floor at any of our facilities.


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Warehouse and Other Services Reports

Generate real-time Inventory and Analytical reports that are easy to comprehend, accurate and reliable anytime. These reports are generated and saved as an Excel file for easy manipulation and readily usable by clients.

Select from any of our inventory reports that will better suit client requirements:

  • Material Stock Status Report - an inventory report detailing beginning and ending balance volume within a given period of time

  • Warehouse Stock Status Report - a snapshot report taken from the time of which the report is generated

  • Stock Aging Report - a snapshot report separating products by age based on either Expiry, Production or Receiving dates


E-Commerce and Beyond

Be prepared and aptly-equipped in this era of e-commerce by checking transactions online, managing remaining inventories and even requesting items for deliveries. SMS and email alerts are also provided to ensure clients will be informed with each outbound milestones, from requests processing, to full product picking, and until these are finally dispatched from our facilities

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