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About the Company

BigBlue Logistics Corporation (BBLC), started way back in 2002 with its first location at Paknaan, Mandaue City with just 1,000 pallet locations. With the advent of fast-serve food chains, BBLC added up another 1,000 pallet locations within the span of 2 years.

In 2008, BBLC opened its doors at another location, this time in North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City with another 8,000 pallet locations, multi-temperature warehouse. This facility became a central distribution hub for food service institutions for Metro Cebu, as well as neighbouring regions as it boast accessibility to nearby sea and air port terminals, both domestic and international.

Adding to our maintained facilities include a second bulk storage in Tayud, Consolacion (8,000 pallets) for food manufacturing companies which opened last 2016 and a second central distribution facility (20,000 pallets) at the same locality which became operational by mid-2018. These latest warehouses pride itself of top-of-the-line cold storage amenities with the same level of efficiency and productivity in all our other maintained warehouses. Currently, the company has a total capacity of more than 32,000 pallet positions in 4 facilities located in 2 cities.

By mid-2022, the company opened up its 24,000 pallet-position Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) facility adjacent to an existing warehouse in Consolacion. It boasts a fully-automated storage system, network of conveyors and Warehouse Control System to deliver most efficient put-away and distribution of goods

With client growth as our main driving force, BBLC will soon be present in all major regions across the Philippines in the years to come. And with the advent of automation and robotics, we strive to continuously improve our facilities and services by embracing new technologies and best practices. 

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Our Mission, Our Values, Our Commitments

Our Mission:

"To provide the food industry with world class warehousing and logistics services anchored on cold chain requirements through fast, efficient and customer-flexible service, driven by reliable technologies and systems"

Our Values:

Flexibility, Reliability and Trustworthiness - these are the values we incorporate within our people, system, facilities and procedures.

Our Commitments:

Fast, Reliable and Efficient Services - we strive to be the best in class. With continuous and incessant demand for  world-class services, we response by taking the journey together with our customers to continously improve, advance and better the over-all warehousing and distribution experience for the food industry.


Service Levels and Operating System

To ensure efficiency and high-level of productivity, BBLC utilizes SAP as its Enterprise-Resource Planning (ERP) software. With its long track record of flexibility and adaptability, SAP not only provides the infrastructure for streamlined warehouse and materials management, it also delivers automation and analytical capabilities for the operations group for better and more appropriate responses and proactive decisions when needed.

Coupled with in-house developed front-end software, as well as well-thought IT design and infrastructure, we commit ourselves to fast transactions and availability of data whenever and wherever.

We believe in data integrity. That is why we implemented offsite back-up system complete with required data privacy protection and security. BBLC is fully supported and serviced by reliable third-party system protection provider.


Our Facilities and Plant Designs

Our commitments to efficient warehousing and materials management entails for us to design our facilities appropriately and responsive to current, tangible and projected requirements of clients.


We combined different types of racking system to better answer the needs of customers:

  • Single-/Double Deep - this ensures up to 100% selectivity of materials within the warehouse

  • Mobile Racking System - an automated racking system, MRS provides flexibility for storing medium- to high-volume products even at high throughput rate

  • Carton-Flow Pick Faces Racks - these add-on installations for any racking type ensures fast picking rate for fast-moving products at low volumes

  • Floor-Stack Locations - areas so designed for materials which are stored in shorter periods (such as cross-docked items), or for items which are already prepared and just waiting to be dispatched (pre-dispatch locations)

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) - an automated system consisting of conveyors for pallet movements, static double-deep racking system and cranes. Movements can be controlled using semi- or fully-autonomous put-away and retrieval of products with the use of a Warehouse Control System (WCS)

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